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Be Among the Wildflowers

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We blend herbs, flowers, berries, roots and barks to create sippable infusions to support your highest good…body, mind and spirit.


Organic Ingredients

We take pride in the conscientious selection of our teas. Our commitment to organic practices ensures that you experience the purest essence of tea leaves, free from synthetic additives. By embracing organic cultivation, we aim to provide a tea experience that not only captivates your palate but also reflects a deep respect for the environment.


Locally Grown

Embracing the richness of our local farmers, our collection includes teas sourced from nearby farms. This focus on local cultivation allows us to offer you blends that are not only exceptionally fresh and flavorful but also contribute to the sustainability of our community. Each cup becomes a celebration of the land, forging a connection between tea enthusiasts and the dedicated hands that nurture these exceptional leaves.


Fair Trade

In our pursuit of ethical sourcing, we proudly support fair trade partnerships. This commitment ensures that the tea farmers who labor with dedication receive fair compensation for their efforts. By choosing our fair trade teas, you partake in a global narrative of equity and responsible commerce. Every steeped cup becomes a conduit for positive change, emphasizing the interconnectedness of our world and the shared responsibility we hold in fostering a more equitable tea industry.